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The Reach and the location of Tumbleton
The Reach and the location of Tumbleton
Location the Reach, Westeros.
Government House Footly
Religion Faith of the Seven
Founded Age of Heroes

Tumbleton is a town in the Reach and is the seat of House Footly. It is located fifty leagues southwest of King's Landing,[1] near the Reach's northeastern border with the Crownlands.[2] It is near the source of the Mander.

A stout but small castle with a garrison of forty men overlooks the town.[1]


The prosperous market town of Tumbleton was the site of two battles during the Dance of the Dragons.[1] In the Battle of Tumbleton, the Two Betrayers, Ser Hugh Hammer and Ser Ulf White, betrayed their black allies and unleashed their dragons, Vermithor and Silverwing, upon the town. Lord Footly's men surrendered, but were slain Much of Tumbleton was burned to ash by dragonfire and in the subsequent sack by the greens, who encamped around the castle until the second battle.

Three dragons fought during the Second Battle of Tumbleton, in which the town was further damaged. Archmaester Gyldayn wrote that Tumbleton was reduced to ash and embers in the civil war,[1] but the town was famously restored by Lord Footly's widow, Lady Sharis Footly. She pulled down the burned shells of shops and houses, rebuilt the town walls, buried the dead, planted wheat and barley and turnips in the fields where the camps had been, and had the heads of the dragons Seasmoke and Vermithor cleaned and displayed in the town square, where travelers paid a penny to look at them, and a star to touch them.[3]


Seldom has any town or city in the history of the Seven Kingdoms been subject to as long or cruel or savage a sack as Tumbleton after the Treasons.[1]

—Archmaester Gyldayn