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==BlueTiger's Sandbox==
== Known Members ==
* Archmaester [[Norren]], Seneschal for the waning year, whose ring and rod and mask are electrum,
* Archmaester [[Theobald]], Seneschal for the coming year, whose ring and rod and mask are lead,
* Archmaester [[Ebrose]], the healer, whose ring and rod and mask are silver,
* Archmaester [[Marwyn]], called "Marwyn the Mage", whose ring and rod and mask are [[Valyrian steel]],
* Archmaester [[Perestan]], the historian, whose ring and rod and mask are copper,
* Archmaester [[Vaellyn]], called "Vinegar Vaellyn", the stargazer, whose ring and rod and mask are bronze,
* Archmaester [[Ryam]], whose ring and rod and mask are yellow gold,
* Archmaester [[Walgrave]], an old man of uncertain wit, whose ring and rod and mask are black iron,
* [[Gallard]], [[Castos]], [[Zarabelo]], [[Benedict]], [[Garizon]], [[Nymos]], [[Cetheres]], [[Willifer]], [[Mollos]], [[Harodon]], [[Guyne]], [[Agrivane]], [[Ocley]], archmaesters all.
*Grand Maester {[[Pycelle]]}, served in King's Landing and on the small council for over forty years.  Murdered during the reign of King Tommen I.
*Maester {[[Aemon Targaryen (son of Maekar I)|Aemon]]}, Maester of the [[Night's Watch]] at [[Castle Black]], one of three living members of [[House Targaryen]]. Died of a chill after crossing by sea to the [[Free Cities]] in the company of his student, [[Samwell Tarly]].
*Maester [[Caleotte]], is a maester in service to [[House Martell]] at [[Sunspear]].
*Maester {[[Cressen]]}, Maester at Dragonstone and advisor to [[Stannis Baratheon]]. He drank from the cup of poison that was meant for Stannis's red priestess, [[Melisandre]]. The poison did not affect Melisandre, but Cressen was killed.
*Maester [[Colemon]], personal maester to Jon Arryn while he was in King's Landing, currently living at the Eyrie.
*Maester [[Ballabar]], is the maester assigned to [[House Redwyne]]  in the [[Arbor]].
*Maester [[Brenett]], is the maester of [[House Frey]] at [[The Twins]]. He is fat, bald and lacked cleanliness.
*Maester [[Frenken]], maester assigned to [[House Stokeworth]].
*Maester [[Harmune]], a maester for the [[Night's Watch]] at Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.
*Maester [[Henly (maester)|Henly]], maester in service of Lord [[House Slate|Slate]], currently in [[Winterfell]] with Lord [[Roose Bolton]]
*Maester [[Kerwin]], is service on [[Greenshield]], probably to [[House Chester]], later forced to serve [[Victarion Greyjoy]] and board of the [[Iron Victory]].
*Maester {[[Luwin]]}, Maester of [[Winterfell]] and trusted advisor to [[House Stark]]. Killed during the [[sack of Winterfell]] by men of [[House Bolton]]. One of the few maesters to have studied magic.
*Maester [[Mullin]], a maester for the [[Night's Watch]] at the Shadow Tower.
*Maester [[Omer Florent|Omer]], is a maester in service at [[Old Oak]] to [[House Oakheart]]
*Maester [[Pylos]], successor to Cressen at Dragonstone. Aided [[Davos Seaworth]] in smuggling out [[Edric Storm]], in order to spare him from being burned as a sacrifice by [[Melisandre]].
*Maester [[Gormon Tyrell|Gormon]], an uncle to [[Mace Tyrell]], nearly chosen to become Grand Maester.
*Maester [[Gulian]], currently with ser [[Bonifer Hasty]] at [[Harrenhal]].
*Maester [[Theomore]], originally of [[House Lannister of Lannisport]], in service at [[White Harbor]]. Lord [[Wyman Manderly]] does not trust him due to his Lannister blood.
*Maester [[Tybald]], in service to the [[Dreadfort]], currently with [[Arnolf Karstark]] at the [[Crofter's village]] near [[Winterfell]].
*Maester [[Willamen Frey|Willamen]], is a maester of the Citadel in service at [[Longbow Hall]] to [[House Hunter]]. He is the seventeenth son of Lord [[Walder Frey]] and the third son born in the marriage between Walder and [[Bethany Rosby]].
*[[Qyburn]], advisor to Queen Cersei. Former maester stripped of his chain and title by the Citadel for conducting immoral research - vivisection and other experiments performed on living human subjects.
===Acolytes and Novices===
*Acolyte [[Leo Tyrell|Leo Tyrell]], called "Lazy" Leo, a follower of Marwyn.
*Acolyte [[Robert Frey (son of Raymund)|Robert Frey]]
*Acolyte [[Armen]], called "Armen the Acolyte" by his friends.
*Acolyte [[Alleras]], called "the Sphinx", also a follower of Marwyn
*Novice [[Samwell Tarly]], a brother of the [[Night's Watch]] and student of Maester Aemon.
*Novice {[[Pate (Novice)|Pate]]}, Archmaester Walgrave's assistant, killed and replaced by the [[Alchemist]]. Some speculate that [[Jaqen H'ghar]] was the Alchemist, and took up Pate's identity after killing him.
*Novice [[Mollander]]
*Novice [[Roone]]
===Historic Members ===
*Grand Maester [[Gawen]], who served [[Aegon I Targaryen]] and his sons until being executed by [[Maegor I Targaryen]].
*Grand Maester [[Desmond]], who served Maegor I until the king had him executed.
*Grand Maester [[Runciter]], who served [[Viserys I Targaryen]].
*Grand Maester [[Mellos]], who served Viserys I.
*Grand Maester [[Orwyle]], who held the office at the onset of the [[Dance of the Dragons]]
*Grand Maester [[Gerardys]], who was fed to a dragon by [[Aegon II Targaryen]].
*Grand Maester [[Munkun]], who served [[Aegon III Targaryen]] and his sons. Wrote the book ''[[The Dance of the Dragons, A True Telling]]''.
*Grand Maester [[Alford]], who served [[Aegon IV Targaryen]].
*Grand Maester [[Kaeth]], who briefly served [[Aegon V Targaryen]]. Wrote the book ''[[Lives of Four Kings]]''.
*Grand Maester [[Ellendor]], who briefly served Aegon V.
*Grand Maester [[Merion]], who died after being named Grand Maester but before arriving in [[King's Landing]].
*Grand Maester [[Aethelmure]], whose biography exists in the library at [[Winterfell]] and whose harsh view on poisoners is referenced by Grand Maester Pycelle.
*Grand Maester [[Hareth (maester)|Hareth]], who was executed for attempting to usurp Targaryen rule.
*Grand Maester [[Malleon]], who wrote the book ''[[The Lineages and Histories of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms, With Descriptions of Many High Lords and Noble Ladies and Their Children]]''.
*Archmaester [[Gyldayn]], who wrote the book ''[[The Princess and The Queen, or, The Blacks and The Greens (by Archmaester Gyldayn)|The Princess and The Queen, or, The Blacks and The Greens]]'' and ''[[The Rogue Prince, or, A King's Brother (by Archmaester Gyldayn)|The Rogue Prince, or, the King’s Brother]]''.
*Archmaester [[Harmune (archmaester)|Harmune]], who wrote the book ''[[Watchers on the Wall]]''.
*Maester [[Walys Flowers|Walys]], Maester of Winterfell and trusted advisor to [[Rickard Stark]].
*Archmaester [[Hake (archmaester)|Hake]], an archmaester of ironborn origin.
*Archmaester [[Haereg]], who wrote ''[[History of the Ironborn]].
==Pages which I've created==
==Pages which I've created==

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Pages which I've created

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