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House Wayn.svgUtherydes WaynHouse Wayn.svg
Title Steward of Riverrun
Culture Rivermen
Born In 238240 AC (roughly)[1]Riverlands[2]

Utherydes Wayn is the steward of Riverrun under Lords Hoster and Edmure Tully.[3]

Character and Appearance

Utherydes is an old man.[4] He is grave, gaunt and sour.[5]

Recent events

A Game of Thrones

When Lady Catelyn arrives at Riverrun, her father's steward informs her that Lord Hoster Tully is bedridden and has instructed him to bring his daughter to his bed at once. Looking at him, Lady Catelyn is surpised how old and grey the steward has become.[6]

A Clash of Kings

Utherydes accompanies Edmure Tully when he greets his sister Catelyn upon her arrival at Riverrun after her mission to secure an alliance with Renly Baratheon has failed because of his untimely death. When she sees Utherydes and the other men at Edmure's side, Lady Catelyn realizes that they are all of her father's age, old men who spent their lives in the service of Lord Hoster Tully. The men are introduced to Brienne of Tarth by Lady Catelyn. Utheryds inquires about the possibility of an alliance with Stannis Baratheon as Stannis' letter about the illegitimacy of Queen Cersei's children has forestalled any possibility of him allying with the Lannisters, but Lady Catelyn, wary of Stannis because of the dark circumstances of Renly's death, dodges the question. He informs her that Robb has left orders to send Lady Catelyn to the Twins upon her return, so that she can select a bride for Robb from among Lord Walder Frey's daughters. However, Lady Catelyn has no intention of doing that and wants to stay at Riverrun. Utherydes later informs her that, when Ser Cleos Frey returned as envoy from King's Landing, he brought along the remains of Lord Eddard Stark, as demanded in Robb's initial peace offer. When Lady Catelyn has a look at the bones, she notices that the longsword that has been put in the hands of the skeleton is not Ice. Utherydes informs her that her husband's longsword has not been returned, only Lord Eddard's bones. Lady Catelyn says that she'd have to thank Queen Cersei for even that much, receiving the answer by Utherydes that Tyrion Lannister in fact arranged for the return of the remains. Lady Catelyn then commands Utherydes to arrange for her husband's remains to be transported to Winterfell, escorted by Hallis Mollen.[4]

While waiting for the outcome of the Battle of the Fords that goes on around Riverrun, Lady Catelyn commands Utherydes to provide Ser Cleos Frey with a flagon of wine, as she wants to loosen his tongue before questioning him about the peace terms sent by Tyrion Lannister.[7]

A Storm of Swords

After Lady Catelyn has organized the escape of Ser Jaime Lannister, it falls upon Riverrun's castellan Ser Desmond Grell to confine her until her son Robb decides what to do with her. Because he feels uneasy about the task of making Lord Hoster Tully's daughter a de-facto prisoner, Ser Desmond brings Utherydes along when he talks to Lady Catelyn. Utherydes is grave during the whole encounter. He assures Lady Catelyn that all of Riverrun shares her grief about the supposed deaths of her sons Bran and Rickon but suggests that this does not justify her actions. Utherydes proposes that Lady Catelyn should be confined to her own chambers, but she asks that it's her father's chambers instead so that she can tend to him, which is granted to her. Utherydes tells her that what she did was grave and that it has all been for naught, as the Kingslayer is being pursued by Riverrun's captain of the guards, Ser Robin Ryger. Lady Catelyn notices that Utherydes has sad eyes while he talks with her.[5]

When Lady Catelyn questions Maester Vyman whether he knows anyone called Tansy, a name her delirious father has mentioned, the maester negates but suggests to ask Utherydes, as the steward would surely know if a person of that name has ever served at Riverrun. Maester Vyman later tells Lady Catelyn that he has checked with Utherydes and that the steward is certain that such a person has not been employed under his watch.[5]

He announces Lady Catelyn's presence when Ser Desmond escorts her to her son Robb during a reception after his return to Riverrun. He also later signals the end of the meeting, when Robb asks him to do so. Robb later advises his wife Jeyne and her mother Sybell that Utherydes will find accomodations for them and Edmure Tully offers to escort them to him.[8]