Vargo Hoat

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Vargo Hoat
Vargo Hoat.jpg
Vargo Hoat by Amoka©

Alias The Goat
The Crippler
The Qohorik
Title Lord of Harrenhal
Allegiance Brave Companions
Culture Qohor
Died In 300 AC, at Harrenhal
Book(s) A Game of Thrones
A Clash of Kings,
A Storm of Swords,
A Feast for Crows

Vargo Hoat is the leader of the Brave Companions, a particularly unsavory sellsword company referred to as the "Bloody Mummers" in the Seven Kingdoms. The Mummers are described as the scum of the world, criminals and outcasts from many countries, with Hoat himself originating in Qohor. He is sometimes called "the Goat" due to his helm which is shaped to appear like goat horns.

Appearance and Character

Vargo is a tall, gaunt man with a long goatee and a necklace of coins from all the places where he has fought. He rides a zorse. His coat of arms feature the Black Goat of Qohor and he wears a helm shaped as a goat's head.[1] A perpetually swollen tongue causes him to lisp and slobber when he speaks. Despite this Hoat is more cunning then he seems as no man survives being the commander of the Brave Companions without being ruthless and shrewd.

He is a sadist who frequently tortures his prisoners by chopping off their hands and feet, earning him the additional nickname "the Crippler".

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Vargo Hoat by Wouter Bruneel.

Vargo's company was employed by Lord Tywin Lannister to be loose upon the Riverlands to burn and pillage, to try to draw out and capture Robb Stark to trade him for Jaime Lannister.[2]

A Clash of Kings

Later he joins Tywin at Harrenhal and stays when Tywin marchs out, allowing him to turn coat and make a deal with Roose Bolton to betray the castle to northmen.[3]

Lord Roose Bolton intends to return to the North and promises Vargo Hoat control of Harrenhal when he leaves.[4]

A Storm of Swords

Vargo orders Jaime Lannister hand cut off as a message to his father, after Jaime and Brienne of Tarth are captured by his men.[5] While that displeases Roose Bolton, he still intends to leave Harrenhal for Vargo Hoat, albeit knowing that Tywin Lannister is bound to retake the Castle and chastise Hoat eventually.[6] After taking control of Harrenhal Hoat tries to force himself on Brienne, but she bites his ear off.[7] Later, when Ser Gregor Clegane takes Harrenhal,[8] he finds Vargo sitting alone in the Hall of a Hundred Hearths mad with fever from a festering wound in his ear.[9]

A Feast for Crows

After Ser Gregor found Vargo, he tortured him by cutting off his limbs and feeding it back to Vargo. He also gave the flesh of Vargo to the other prisoners held at Harrenhal. Eventually Vargo was killed after being significantly disfigured. His head was shown to Ser Jaime Lannister upon his return to Harrenhal.[10]

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