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* Queen [[Visenya Targaryen]]
* Queen [[Visenya Targaryen]]
* Prince [[Aemond Targaryen]]
* Prince [[Aemond Targaryen]]
* King [[Ronnel Arryn (King)|Ronnel Arryn]], the last [[King of Mountain and Vale]] in childage, had a ride with Visenya on Vhagar after his [[Sharra Arryn|mother]] has bent her knee and surrendered. <ref>[http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/72313-reading-from-the-world-of-ice-and-fire/page__st__40#entry3588552 Reading from ''The World of Ice and Fire''.] Notes from George R.R. Martin's reading and Q&A at the Bubonicon 44 in Albuquerque by Trebla.</ref>
==Quotes about Vhagar==
==Quotes about Vhagar==

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Visenya riding Vhagar.jpg

Allegiance Visenya Targaryen
Aemond Targaryen
Race Dragon
Born In 51BC, at Dragonstone 
Died In 130 AC, at the Gods Eye
Book(s) The Princess and the Queen (Appears)
A Game of Thrones (Mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (Mentioned)

Vhagar was one of the dragons used by Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters, Rhaenys and Visenya, during the War of Conquest. She was named for one of the gods of Old Valyria.[1] Vhagar was ridden by Visenya during the Conquest.[2]


One could ride a horse down Vhagar's gullet.[3] Vhagar's breath was so hot that it could melt the armour of a knight and cook him inside.[2] The colour of Vhagar's scales, horns, wing bones and spinal crest is unknown, as is the colour of her flame.

By the time of the Dance of the Dragons, Vhagar was the hardened survivor of a hundred battles, had grown almost as large as Balerion and was the oldest and largest of the dragons in Westeros. Her roar was so powerful that it could shake the very foundations of Storm's End. No living dragon could match her for size or ferocity.[4]


Vhagar was named after a god of the Valyrian Freehold. She was born on Dragonstone from a dragon's egg.

The Field of Fire was the only battle in which all three of the original Targaryen dragons took to the sky at the same time. Together, Vhagar, Meraxes and Balerion killed four thousand men, burning them alive. King Mern died, and with him House Gardener. The army was broken and Aegon I was victorious.[3]

During the Dance of the Dragons Vhagar was ridden by Prince Aemond Targaryen.[5] Vhagar and Sunfyre killed Meleys during the Battle of Rook's Rest. After the Battle by the Lakeshore, Aemond and Vhagar ravaged the Riverlands. Prince Daemon Targaryen challenged Aemond, waiting for thirteen days at Harrenhal with Caraxes until Aemond stopped burning the Riverlands to come face him. The Dance over Harrenhal ended in the deaths of both riders and both dragons over the Gods Eye. She was one hundred and eighty-one years when she died.[4]

Along with eighteen other Targaryen dragon skulls Vhagar's skull used to hang on a wall in the Red Keep's throne room. After the War of the Usurper King Robert Baratheon had Vhagar's skull removed and stored in a dank cellar along with the others.

Known dragonriders of Vhagar

Quotes about Vhagar

The peril posed by Queen Visenya's mount could not be gainsaid.[4]

- Archmaester Gyldayn

That hoary old bitch.[4]

- Prince Jacaerys Velaryon

Prince Aemond's mighty dragon Vhagar sensed his coming first. Guardsman walking the battlements of the castle's mighty curtain walls clutched their spears in sudden terror when she woke, with a roar that shook the very foundations of Durran's Defiance.

On the fourteenth day of the prince's vigil, a shadow swept over the castle, blacker than any passing cloud. All the birds of the godswood took to the air in fright, and a hot wind whipped the fallen leaves across the yard. Vhagar had come at last, and on her back rode the one-eyed prince Aemond Targaryen, clad in night-black armor chased with gold.[4]

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