Victarion Greyjoy

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Victarion Greyjoy is a brother of Balon Greyjoy and commander of the Iron Fleet. He is a capable commander and a fierce warrior in battle, but has a calm demeanor outside of it, thinking of enemies with great respect. He is a religious man and wears full plate armor while sailing because he has no fear of drowning.


Victarion is a large and powerful man, wearing plate armor in combat and wielding a cruel axe.


Balon recognized the greatness of his older brother Balon and followed him loyally. He commanded the Iron Fleet during Greyjoy's Rebellion and afterwards. served his older brother capably. After his brother Euron seduced and bedded his second wife, Victarion killed her to retain his honor and has never married nor forgiven Euron since.

After Balon's death, Victarion made a claim to the Seastone Chair as Balon's brother and second-in-command. Victarion made a strong claim, but the crowd ultimately favored Euron. Despite his hatred for Euron, Victarion's obedient and dutiful nature kept him following Euron's orders. He lead the assault on the Shield Islands, slaughtering unarmored sailors and winning a duel with a lord's son. After his victory, he watched helplessly as Euron stole many of his trusted comrades away from him by giving them titles on the Shield Islands. He also deplored the cruelty Euron displayed toward the slain lords' women.

Apparently oblivious to Victarion's hatred, Euron summoned Victarion to a private meeting and asked him to find Daenerys Targaryen and deliver Euron's marriage proposal. Victarion agreed, but secretly planned on courting Daenerys for himself.