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Walder Frey is the name of several members of House Frey of the Crossing. Most are named in honor of its head, Lord Walder Frey.

Other Walder Freys include:

  • Walder Frey, also known as Black Walder, second son of Ser Ryman Frey.
  • Walder Frey, also known as Red Walder, fourth son of Ser Emmon Frey and Genna Lannister.
  • Walder Frey, also known as Big Walder, eldest son of Ser Jammos Frey and Sallei Paege.
  • Walder Frey, also known as Little Walder, only son of Merrett Frey and Mariya Darry.

Feminine equivalent

See also

  • Walton Frey, third son of Ser Stevron Frey.
  • Waltyr Frey, third son of Lord Walder Frey and his seventh wife, Annara Farring.