Walder Frey (son of Jammos)

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Walder Frey
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Alias Big Walder
Allegiance House Frey
Born In 291 AC[1]
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (appears)
A Clash of Kings (appears)
A Storm of Swords (mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (appears)
Personal Arms Quartered the twin towers of House Frey with the tree and ravens of House Blackwood and the twinning snakes of House Paege.
(Quarterly, first and fourth, cendrée, a bridge azure, at either end a tower of the same (for Frey), second, gules, on an escutcheon sable a dead weirwood tree proper, all within an orle of ravens volant sable (for Blackwood), third, sable, two serpents argent and gules, entwined palewise (for Paege))

Walder Frey, nicknamed Big Walder, is the son of Ser Jammos Frey and Sallei Paege.[2] His personal coat of arms quarters the twin towers of House Frey with the tree and ravens of House Blackwood and the twinning snakes of House Paege.[3]


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Walder is a small, fox-faced lad. He is known as "Big Walder" because he is fifty-two days older than his cousin, "Little Walder" Frey, although Little Walder has since grown half a foot taller.[4]

Big Walder's armor is fine silver plate with enameled blue chasings. His crest is shaped like a castle and he rides a dappled grey courser.[3]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Walder is present at the Twins when Catelyn Tully comes to treat with Lord Walder Frey. As part of the terms allowing Robb Stark to cross at the Twins, Big Walder is sent to Winterfell to be fostered.

A Clash of Kings

Walder is fostered at Winterfell with his cousin, Little Walder. They play Lord of the Crossing until Rickon Stark's direwolf, Shaggydog, attacks Little Walder.[4] He trains with squires from White Harbor during the harvest feast; Bran Stark thinks that Big Walder rides his horse better than Little Walder.[3] When word of Ser Stevron Frey's death at Oxcross arrives at Winterfell, Little Walder and Big Walder argue over who is next in line to inherit the Twins, showing no sadness at their relative's passing.[5]

The Frey cousins are taken captive by Theon Greyjoy when he leads his ironborn in capturing Winterfell. One of the cousins volunteers for Theon's party which searches the Wolfswood for the missing Bran and Rickon, although Theon does not identify which one.[6] The Freys are spared by Ramsay Snow during the sack of Winterfell.[7]

A Storm of Swords

A letter written by Big Walder and signed by both Frey cousins is sent to the Twins claiming Theon Greyjoy burned Winterfell. Lame Lothar Frey conveys this false report to King Robb Stark.[8]

A Feast for Crows

Big Walder is listed as being one of Ramsay Bolton's squires.[9]

A Dance with Dragons

Lady Barbrey Dustin gives grey colts to Big Walder and Little Walder when they join Ramsay Bolton in searching for missing Freys.[10] Big Walder is disturbed serving Ramsay and is also apprehensive when he sees Little Walder become more and more like Ramsay. Big Walder takes no part in his cousin's games or cruelties.[10]

Big Walder is present at Winterfell during the wedding of Ramsay and "Arya Stark".[11] The cousins join other squires in building snowmen in Winterfell's yard.[12] After Little Walder is found murdered and frozen in a snowbank, a blood-spattered Big Walder accompanies Ser Hosteen Frey and his soldiers when they enter the Great Hall of Winterfell. Big Walder claims that before his death Little Walder was searching for a White Harbor man who owed him silver from a dice game Little Walder won.[13]


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