Walys Mooton

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Walys Mooton
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Title Lord of Maidenpool
Culture Rivermen
Died In 130 ACRook's Rest

Walys Mooton was a Lord of Maidenpool and the head of House Mooton during the Dance of the Dragons.[1]


Following the battle of Rook's Rest in the Dance of the Dragons, Lord Walys desired to recover Rook's Rest for the blacks and Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen. Walys led a hundred knights from Maidenpool and joined with soldiers from the Crabbs, Brunes, and Celtigars. They took the greens' garrison at Rook's Rest by surprise and recovered the castle.[2][1]

Afterwards, Walys led his bravest soldiers to the field west of Rook's Rest to kill the injured dragon Sunfyre. The attackers failed to kill the dragon, however. Three score were killed, including the charred Lord Walys, before the survivors fled. Walys was succeeded as Lord of Maidenpool by his brother, Manfryd Mooton.[2][1]


Walys and his brothers could be the children of Lord Jonah Mooton and his lady wife, Perianne Moore, who are known to have had a successful marriage.[3]



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