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Warlocks are magic users from Qarth. Most warlocks have blue lips from drinking shade-of-the-evening many times. Like the Alchemists' Guild of the Seven Kingdoms, however, the warlocks' power and prestige have waned over the years. The most famous warlocks are known as the Undying of Qarth, who are feared and respected throughout the East. The center of the warlocks power comes from the House of the Undying.[1] The Undying Ones flesh is ripe violet blue, there nails are so blue they are nearly black and even the whites of their eyes are blue[2]

Pyat Pree is a warlock.

Aechmaester Marwyn studied with warlocks.

There is a saying in Qarth concerning the warlocks,

"A warlock's house is built of bones and lies."[3]

References and Notes