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A Weirwood

The weirwood is a species of deciduous tree found all over Westeros. Weirwoods have white bark with five-pointed, blood-red leaves and sap.[1]

Associated with the religion worshiping the Old Gods, a single weirwood was planted in the godswood of all noble houses. Many southern houses cut down these trees when the Faith of the Seven gained favor, but they remain in the North. Groves of these trees can also be found above the Wall. It is known that the children of the forest carved faces into many weirwoods. Sap is allowed to dry in portions of these carved faces, resulting in disconcerting, blood-red eyes. These faces are said to "watch over" and protect followers of the Old Gods, but cannot do so in the areas where the Andals felled the weirwoods with faces.[2] Such trees are called "heart trees" and are considered sacred in this religion.[3] Tradition in the North claims that it is impossible to lie before a Weirwood [4] and they are witnesses in the Marriages the North [5].

The Weirwood remain strong in the north of the Neck they are the heart trees of godswood, representatives of the Old Gods. They have instead been almost all cut down by the Andals in the southern part of the continent, i,e, High Heart, except in the Isle of Faces, on the lake Gods Eye, where peace was concluded between the First Men and the children of the forest. You can also find a weirwood in the godswood of the fortress of Harrenhal [6] in that of Riverrun [7], and Storm's End [8] and Oldtown in the castle in Citadel called Ravenry on the Isle of Ravens[9]

Their wood can be used for making bows as that of Ygritte [10], and that of Brynden Rivers and shafts of spears [11], and that that of furniture (The table meeting of the Kingsguard in the tower of the White Sword in theRed Keep has the shape of a shield and is made from weirwood [12], the throne of the House Arryn in Eyrie is also carved Weirwood [13]) or some architectural elements i.e. Black Gate of the Nightfort and beams and rafters of the most massive Harrenhal were made with several thousand year-old weirwoods from the Riverlands [14].

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