Whispering Sound

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The Reach and the location of Whispering Sound
The Reach and the location of Whispering Sound
Whispering Sound
The Reach and the location of Whispering Sound

Whispering Sound is a large bay that lies on the southwestern coast of the Reach.


The Honeywine empties into Whispering Sound at Oldtown,[1][2] while Blackcrown and Three Towers sit along its northern and southern shores, respectively.[3] The great beacon atop the Hightower guides ships safely into Oldtown's harbor,[4] where a great statue of Lymond Hightower gazes off down Whispering Sound.[2]


The Velaryon fleet lingered in Whispering Sound when its commander, Lord Alyn Velaryon, waited for the promised reinforcement from the Redwyne fleet for his expedition to the Iron Islands to deal with the Red Kraken.[4]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

With the destruction of the small fleet that House Redwyne keeps to defend the Arbor, the ironborn are able to send their longships into Whispering Sound and threaten Oldtown.[5] The Cinnamon Wind fights off ironborn raiders as it sails along the Whispering Sound towards Oldtown before being inspected by the crew of the Huntress.[6]


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