Womb of the World

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Womb of the World is located in Essos
Womb of the World
Essos west of the Bone Mountains and the location of the Womb of the World
The Womb of the World. © FFG

The Womb of the World is a large lake that lies just west of Vaes Dothrak and the Mother of Mountains.[1] It is a holy place to the Dothraki people. The lake is surrounded by reed, and is reported to have no bottom.[2] A river runs from the lake north through the Kingdom of the Ifequevron to the Shivering Sea.[1]


According to Dothraki legends, the first man emerged from the depths of the Womb of the World, riding on the back of the first horse over a thousand years ago.[2]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

After eating the heart of a stallion as part of a ceremony for her child, Daenerys Targaryen rides to the lake and bathes naked to remove the blood. Afterwards she has sex with Khal Drogo on the shore.[2]


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