Yielding of Harrenhal

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Yielding of Harrenhal
Conflict War of the Five Kings
Date 299 AC[1]
Place Harrenhal
Result Whent surrender
Lannister occupation of Harrenhal
House Baratheon of King's Landing.svg Iron Throne/ House Baratheon of King's Landing:

House Lannister.svg Westerlands, led by House Lannister

House Tully.svg Riverlands, led by House Tully
House Lannister.svg Lord Tywin Lannister
House Lannister.svg Ser Kevan Lannister
House Whent.svg Lady Shella Whent
20,000 men Whent garrison of Harrenhal
None Unknown

The yielding of Harrenhal is part of the Lannister invasion of the riverlands during the War of the Five Kings.


With the rivermen defeated in the battle under the walls of Riverrun, Lord Tywin Lannister and Ser Kevan Lannister march on the various castles of the riverlands. After controlling the kingsroad, Tywin heads to Harrenhal, with his men burning the land while they march north.[7] Lady Shella Whent surrenders her great castle to the Lannisters because she lacks the men to hold it.[8]


Harrenhal is granted by the Iron Throne to Janos Slynt and the newly made House Slynt for his role in the arrest of Lord Eddard Stark.[9] Tywin uses Harrenhal as his base during the War of the Five Kings.[10]


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