Yorick V Yronwood

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Yorick V Yronwood
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Biographical Information
Full Name Yorick Yronwood, Fifth of His Name
Titles The Bloodroyal
Knight of the Wells
Lord of Yronwood
Warden of the Stone Way
King of Redmarch
King of the Greenbelt
King of the Dornish
Culture Dornishmen
Royal House House Yronwood
Heir Unknown
Successor None (the Yronwoods knelt to House Martell)
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Yorick V Yronwood was the last king of House Yronwood in Dorne.[1]


Yorick was the richest and most powerful of the Dornish kings at the start of Nymeria's War. Yorick's supporters included his bannermen, the Jordaynes and the Wyls, as well as the Blackmonts and Qorgyles. Yorick himself slew Nymeria's spouse, Prince Mors Martell, in the Third Battle of the Boneway. Two years later Yorick was forced to submit to Nymeria, however, and he was one of the six kings sent to the Wall.[1]


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