Yorwyck VI Royce

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Yorwyck VI Royce
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Biographical Information
Full Name Yorwyck Royce, Sixth of That Name
Titles Bronze King
Culture First Men
Royal House House Royce
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

King Yorwyck VI Royce was a Bronze King of House Royce of Runestone who lived during the Andal invasion. He claimed the Runic Crown when his sire died in battle against House Shett.[1]


King Yorwyck was embroiled in a war against Osgood III Shett, ruler of Gulltown and King of the True Men. A redoubtable foe, Yorwyck VI defeated the Shetts in several battles and drove them inside their town walls. Osgood turned to the Andals and made a marriage alliance with Ser Gerold Grafton, securing a victory against King Yorwyck, but being betrayed afterward.

Yorwyck would lead the Royces to several notable victories over the Andals, at one point destroying seven longships that landed on his shores and decorating the walls of Runestone with the heads of the captains and crews.[1]