A Storm of Swords-Chapter 33

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Samwell II
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Samwell
Place Craster's Keep
Page 365 UK HC (Other versions)
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Samwell III


Forty-four survivors have reached Craster's Keep, of the 300 men the Watch had at the Fist. Some of the men are becoming ornery because there is so little food, and Craster seems to be hiding a larder. Mormont speaks with Sam about dragonglass, noting in disgust that the Watch once knew the purpose of obsidian weapons. Their true enemies are the Others, but they had forgotten.

Craster soon makes it clear he wants the crows gone, and several members start to accuse him of not sharing all his food. The argument worsens, until finally Craster attacks Clubfoot Karl, beginning the mutiny at Craster's Keep. Dirk slits Craster's throat, and when Mormont screams at them that there is no crime worse than murder at a host's dinner table, Ollo Lophand stabs the Lord Commander. Sam watches in horror as the deserters begin to rape Craster's wives, and sees the few men still loyal to the Watch flee because they are outnumbered. Grenn, Giant, Dolorous Edd, and a few others get away. Mormont, dying, commands Sam to return to the Wall with all haste and tell everyone what has happened. He also asks Sam to tell his son Jorah that Mormont's dying wish is for Jorah to take the black. His last words to Sam are, "Tell Jorah. Forgive him. My son. Please. Go." Sam is approached by Gilly, who has recently given birth to a son, and two of Craster's other, older, wives. Gilly asks Sam to take her with him, to flee on horseback someplace warm.

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