Bambarro Bazanne

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Lys.svg Magister
Bambarro Bazanne
Title Magister
Culture Lysene
Died 132 AC
Disputed Lands
Spouse Unknown
Issue Children

Bambarro Bazanne was a Lysene magister who had custody of Prince Viserys Targaryen during the time he was presumed dead by those in Westeros.[1]


After Sharako Lohar captured Prince Viserys after the Battle in the Gullet, he sold him to Bambarro Bazanne in exchange for the prince's weight in gold and a promise of support. With Lohar soon murdered and the Triarchy beginning to collapse, Magister Bambarro thought it prudent to keep his prize hidden away.[1]

Magister Bambarro forbade Viserys from leaving his manse, though he gave the prince his own suite, had the prince sup with him and his family, and had a tutor instruct him in many skills. It is believed that Bambarro's intent was to wait out the Dance of the Dragons and either ransom him to his mother Rhaenyra Targaryen or sell his head to his uncle, King Aegon II Targaryen, depending who emerged as the victor.[1]

As Lys suffered defeats as the Daughters' War ensued, Bambarro died in 132 AC when the sellsword company he led against Tyrosh turned against him over a matter of back pay. Upon his death, it was discovered he was enormously in debt. His creditors seized his manse, sold his wife and children into slavery, and all his possessions (including Prince Viserys) passed to Lysandro Rogare.[1]


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