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Second Sons small.png
Second Sons small.png
Allegiance Second Sons
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons
The Winds of Winter

Bokkoko is a sellsword of the Second Sons. He is an axeman of formidable repute.[1] He is homosexual.[2]


Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

He, along with the rest of the Second Sons, went over to the Yunkai'i when Brown Ben Plumm thought Daenerys Targaryen's cause was lost.

The Winds of Winter

As the battle outside the walls of Meereen is commencing Tyrion emerges from the tents of the Second Sons. As he looks about he sees the sellswords saddling their horses and spies Bokkoko kissing his boy lover shamelessly.

References and Notes

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  2. The Winds of Winter, Tyrion's sample chapter, made available on A World of Ice and Fire as of Mar 21st, 2014
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