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Culture Free folk
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

Bump was the younger brother of Varamyr Sixskins and Meha. He was attacked and killed by dogs.[1]


Bump was born a healthy child to the parents of Varamyr Sixskins. He was nicknamed Bump by his elder sister Meha. Varamyr, resentful of his little brother and that their mother was going to name him after their father, skinchanged into one of the family's dogs (Loptail, Sniff or Growler) and attacked and killed Bump. When Varamyr's father found the dogs sniffing around the child's body, he did not know which one had killed his son, so he put down all three. Varamyr slipped inside Loptail as his father killed him, and screamed when the dog died, which is how Varamyr's parents discovered that he was a warg.

Bump was two years old when he died, three days shy of his third name day.[1]