Canal of Heroes

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The Canal of Heroes is one of the larger canals in Braavos.


The Canal of Heroes is located closest to the Chequy Port and the Arsenal in the northwest of the city. Heading east, it reaches the center of the city, where the Temple of the Moonsingers and the Isle of the Gods are located.[1][2] The Long Canal and the Green Canal then connect central Braavos with its south and east, respectively.[2]

Multiple bridges cross the Canal of Heroes, including a carved stone bridge decorated with half a hundred kinds of fish and crabs and squids, a bridge carved with lacy leafy vines, and a painted bridge with a thousand painted eyes.[1] Along both sides of the canal, a row of statues of deceased Sealords can be found. They are mostly carved wearing long bronze robes, and hold various items in their hands, such as books, daggers, or hammers. One holds a golden star and another is upending a stone flagon from which fresh water flows.[1][3]