Godswood of White Harbor

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The godswood of White Harbor is located within the Wolf's Den, an ancient castle now used as a prison in White Harbor.


The godswood within the Wolf's Den is a tangle of oak, elm, and birch trees.[1] The wood's heart tree is a huge weirwood which has choked out the other trees. Its roots are as thick as a man's waist, and its limbs have grown through nearby walls and windwos. The face on its wide trunk appears fat and angry.[1]

A darkened hall with worn steps connects the godswood with cells. On the other side of the wood, a rusted iron gate leads down to the Den's cellars.[1]

Since the Faith of the Seven is predominant in White Harbor instead of worship of the old gods, the godswood is little used.[2]


The Wolf's Den was built by King Jon Stark to protect the mouth of the White Knife.[3] When Ice Eyes recovered the castle from slavers, slaves freed from the dungeon are said to have hung the slavers' entrails in the limbs of the weirwood as an offering to the old gods.[1]

The Wolf's Den was given to House Manderly by House Stark after the Manderlys were exiled from the Reach. Within the Den, the Manderlys swore to always be loyal bannermen of the Starks.[4] The New Castle was constructed as the new city of White Harbor grew in size, and the older Wolf's Den has since been used as a prison.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Lord Davos Seaworth and Robett Glover pass through the godswood when Robett brings the released prisoner to secretly meet with Lord Wyman Manderly in the New Castle.[1]


White Harbor had its godswood too, a brooding tangle of root and branch and stone locked away behind the crumbling black walls of the Wolf's Den, an ancient fortress that served only as a prison now.[2]

—thoughts of Davos Seaworth