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Hazzea playing, unaware of the dragon watching her.

Culture Ghiscari
Born 295 AC or 296 AC[1]
Died 300 AC
plains outside Meereen
Father A farmer
Book A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)
Hazzea's father shows Daenerys Targaryen her bones. © FFG

Hazzea is a Ghiscari child of the plains near the city of Meereen.

In the television adaptation Game of Thrones, the character is renamed Zalla.


Hazzea is a farmer's daughter.[2]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Hazzea is apparently killed by the black dragon, Drogon. Her father brings her burned bones to Daenerys Targaryen in the Great Pyramid of Meereen. Daenerys is plagued by guilt, and orders her three dragons caged, but Drogon escapes and heads to the Dothraki Sea.[3]

Skahaz mo Kandaq suggests that the father just used Drogon and Dany as an opportunity to get rid of an unwanted child. It is also suggested the sons of the Harpy did the deed, and made it look like Drogon did it. Dany wishes she could believe this, but finds herself unable to, since Hazzea's father had waited until the entire court had been cleared before confronting Dany with his daughter's bones.[3][4]

Instead of killing Hazzea's father, as the Shavepate urges Daenerys to do, Dany decides to pay the blood price for Hazzea. On the condition that her family never speaks a word of what has happened to her, Daenerys will pay Hazzea's family money each year on Hazzea's nameday. Hazzea herself is put to rest in the Temple of the Graces, with a hundred candles burning day and night in her memory.[3]

The memory of Hazzea and the guilt over what happened to her plagues Daenerys for a long time, and she keeps thinking about the little girl. Only months later, when attempting to return to Meereen, Daenerys finds herself unable to recall Hazzea's name, which saddens her greatly.[5]


"It were the black one," the man said, in a Ghiscari growl, "the winged shadow. He come down from the sky and … and …"

No. Dany shivered. No, no, oh no….
…"Those are no sheep bones."

No, Dany thought, those are the bones of a child.[4]

Her name had been Hazzea.[3]

"Drogon killed a little girl. Her name was … her name …" Dany could not recall the child's name. That made her so sad that she would have cried if all her tears had not been burned away.[5]