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Garlan Tyrell and Leonette Fossoway by Jroahn.jpg
Garlan and Leonette, by Jroahn

Title Lady of Brightwater Keep
Culture Reach
Spouse Lord Garlan Tyrell

Leonette Fossoway is the wife of Ser Garlan Tyrell. She is a noblewoman of House Fossoway,[1][2] though it is unclear which branch of the family she is from.

Appearance and Character

Leonette is dainty and bright-eyed.[3] She plays the high harp.[4]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Lady Leonette is among Margaery Tyrell's retinue when she comes to King's Landing. Margaery introduces Leonette to Sansa Stark over dinner in the Maidenvault.[3] For his valor during the Battle of the Blackwater, Garlan is granted the lordship of Brightwater Keep, making Leonette the Lady of Brightwater Keep.[5] She later teaches the high harp to Sansa Stark.[4]

Leonette and Garlan attend Sansa's wedding to Tyrion Lannister. Noticing Sansa's deep sadness over the marriage, Leonette expresses her concerns to her husband, who tries to assuage Sansa's fears about marrying Tyrion.[6] Her and Garlan later attend the royal wedding of King Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery, seated at the high table next to Sansa and Tyrion. Leonette jests with Garlan and Tyrion at the expense of the singers.[7]

Quotes by Leonette

Perhaps you should be a singer, my lord. You rhyme as well as this Galyeon.[7]

—Leonette to Tyrion Lannister