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I think, since almost nothing is known of this character and he is not mentioned yet in any book, it should be his page rather than Baelon Targaryen (son of Jaehaerys I)'s that has the parenthetical note in the title of the page. In other words, I think "Baelon Targaryen" should link to Jaehaerys's son. --Maester_Aeron June 19 2014 7:15 GMT

This is the fist Baelon's we've learned off. And thus the first Baelon to receive his own wiki-page, which has been linked for quite some time. The same is now for all the Princesses named Rhaena Targaryen. There are three, and even though we know more about Rhaena, daughter of Prince Daemon, than we know about Rhaena, daughter of King Aegon III, that doesn't change the fact that Rhaena, daughter of Aegon III, was the first Rhaena we learned of, and thus the Rhaena to receive a page titled Rhaena Targaryen.
That we don't know much about this Baelon at the moment, won't mean it will stay this way.--Rhaenys_Targaryen 18:35, 19 June 2014 (UTC)
Actually, Wikipedia has guidelines (w:WP:PRIMARYTOPIC) regarding multiple articles with the same name. If one topic is the primary usage of the name, it should receive the main title. For instance, the Mad King's daughter, a POV character, is the primary usage of the phrase "Daenerys Targaryen", so Aerys II's Dany should be at Daenerys Targaryen while Aegon IV's Dany is at Daenerys Targaryen (daughter of Aegon IV). In cases where there is no primary meaning, such as "Baelon Targaryen", then Baelon Targaryen itself should be a disambiguation page (instead of Baelon Targaryen (disambiguation)) with links to the various topics (Baelon Targaryen (son of Aerys), Baelon Targaryen (son of Jaehaerys I), Baelon Targaryen (son of Viserys I)). Nittanian 13:49, 4 September 2014 (UTC)
I had figured that Aerys II's daughter Daenerys had the page titled Daenerys Targaryen because she's the first Daenerys Targaryen that we learn of. Your suggestion would be fine by me.--Rhaenys_Targaryen 14:02, 4 September 2014 (UTC)

From The World of Ice and Fire sample on George's website, we know that Baelon was a Lord of Dragonstone. Should this be added?

Probably not until after the World Book release. And until the spoiler period has ended, only the title (in case the is more info on him in the book).--Rhaenys_Targaryen 11:29, 4 September 2014 (UTC)