Wild Hares

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The Wild Hares is a company of northern lances formed by Benfred Tallhart.

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Benfred Tallhart gathers companions after he hears of Robb Stark's successes in the War of the Five Kings. They consider themselves young wolves, as the oldest is not nineteen. After Leobald Tallhart mocks them by calling them young rabbits, they take the name of Wild Hares.[1]

The Wild Hares scour the country, rabbit skins attached to their spears, singing chivalric songs, until Ser Rodrik Cassel orders Leobald to sort them out.[1]

Benfred and his company ride out to the Stony Shore to see if the rumors of ironborn raiding are true. They do not expect that the enemy will have many men and did not send scouts ahead. Theon Greyjoy and his ironmen easily surprise and defeat the Wild Hares.[2]


Dagmer: We could hear them singing. It was a good song, and they sang it bravely.
Theon: They sang better than they fought. Harps would have done them as much good as their lances did.[2]