Black Bernarr

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Night's Watch.svgBlack BernarrNight's Watch.svg
Allegiance Night's Watch
Culture Westeros
Born Westeros[1]

Black Bernarr is a ranger of the Night's Watch.

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Black Bernarr is part of the great ranging by the Night's Watch and survives the fight at the Fist. He breaks his ankle in a deep hole on the march south from the Fist, however, and is then carried on a horse.[2] He is skeptical of Samwell Tarly having slain an Other with a dragonglass dagger.[3]

Black Bernarr stays loyal to the Watch during the mutiny at Craster's Keep and is one of the few survivors of the ranging to make it all the way back to Castle Black.[4][5]

A Dance with Dragons

Black Bernarr serves at Castle Black under First Ranger Black Jack Bulwer.[6]