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A Wiki of Ice and Fire is a fan-based wiki, dedicated to George R. R. Martin's created universe, covering the Novels, HBO's Game of Thrones TV series and other sources. Our goal is to build this wiki into as complete and comprehensive a guide of that universe as possible.

The Wiki is part of the Westeros.org community of fans of the series, that exist since 1999.

It runs on the Software MediaWiki version 1.31.0.


Features updates and news of a Wiki of Ice and Fire.




  • 20-12-2011 - We have reached 4,500 articles milestone! Congratulations!
  • 08-10-2011 - We have reached 4,250 articles milestone! Well done, everyone!
  • 07-10-2011 - Ran has re-made the default skin to run more smoothly with the new version of MediaWiki, mainly addressing the tab issue.
  • 12-09-2011 - Ran has quietly added Css updates, which included a new collapsible tables feature.
  • 11-09-2011 - New Portals are available and our Community_portal received and update.
  • 30-08-2011 - We have successfully upgraded to the new stable version of MediaWiki 1.17, the IPB Wiki bridge extensions have been updated and should preform better.
  • 25-08-2011 - New main page launched!
  • 20-08-2011 - Wiki of Song of Ice and Fire reaches 4,000 articles! Well done, everyone!
  • 02-07-2011 - New main page launched!


  • 12-2009 - We're linking with the RUSSIAN wiki, most articles until this letter are done.

000 articles so I guess a celebration is order To add an interwiki link fill in the language code, the double dot and the name of the article on the other wiki and include these between the normal internal link markers "[[" and "]]". For the different languages this would be:

  • Spanish: [[es:Article_name]]
  • French: [[fr:Article_name]]
  • Portuguese: [[pt:Article_name]]
  • Russian: [[ru:Article_name]]
  • Chinese: [[zh:Article_name]]