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 Theories may be removed if ... 
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According to these theories the Brotherhood without Banners may be planning a large assault on the Freys and Lannisters.

Jaime Lannister

  • Brienne has been told to bring Jaime to the Brotherhood.
  • Brienne meets Jaime in the Riverlands and tells him he has to go with her alone, or the Hound will kill Sansa Stark.
  • Lady Stoneheart may want to hang Jaime.
  • However she may intend to use him to gain access to Riverrun.
  • Jaime's cousin Daven Lannister is arranged to marry a Frey. It is likely the wedding will take place at Riverrun, which is under Frey control and which Daven has remained at, having led the Westerlands forces besieging Riverrun.
  • The Brotherhood may be intending to attack at this Frey-Lannister wedding, killing many of their enemies.

Brynden Tully

  • Brynden Tully went on the run in the Riverlands just before Riverrun was taken.
  • As Catelyn's uncle and a fugitive from the Freys and Lannisters, he would be a natural ally of the Brotherhood.
  • Edmure Tully somehow convinced him to lift the siege.
  • Edmure was left alone with Tom Sevenstrings by Jaime.
  • Tom may have arranged with Edmure to send his uncle to join the Brotherhood.

Attack on Riverrun

  • Tom Sevenstrings is listed as still being a member of the Brotherhood without Banners in the Appendixes.
  • He has remained in Riverrun.
  • Tom may have been sent there as an informant in preparation for an attack.
  • After the conclusion of the siege of Riverrun, Emmon Frey says the following: Riverrun is mine, and no man shall ever take it from me. Unknown to Lord Emmon, the brotherhood is now led by a woman, Lady Stoneheart.