Erreg the Kinslayer

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Erreg the Kinslayer
Title King
Personal Information
Race Andal
Culture Andal

Erreg the Kinslayer was a legendary Andal king.


According to song, King Erreg attacked High Heart, a place sacred to the children of the forest of the riverlands and protected by First Men river kings. Erreg's men killed the children and First Men, and then cut down the hill's weirwood grove.[1] It is believed by smallfolk that High Heart is still haunted by the dead children.[2]

In contrast to the legend, True History insists that the children of the forest had already abandoned the riverlands before the Andal invasion.[3] Archmaester Perestan suggests in A Consideration of History that "Erreg" was not a given name but corruption of an Andal title. Perestan suggests this unnamed chieftain who attacked High Heart did so on behalf of a river king's rival.[3]


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