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“All this of snakes and incest is droll, but it changes nothing. You may well have the better claim, Stannis, but I have the larger army.” Renly's hand slid inside his cloak. Stannis saw, and reached at once for the hilt of his sword, but before he could draw steel his brother produced . . . a peach. “Would you like one, brother? From Highgarden. You've never tasted anything so sweet, I promise you.”—Renly Baratheon
“I did not come here to eat fruit.”—Stannis Baratheon
“My lords! We ought to be hammering out the terms of an alliance, not trading taunts.”—Catelyn Stark
“A man should never refuse to taste a peach. He may never get the chance again. Life is short, Stannis. Remember what the Starks say. Winter is coming.”—Renly Baratheon[1]