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Belwas defeats an opponent, by Kaija Rudkiewicz © Fantasy Flight Games
Pit fighters do battle in a fighting pit, by Marc Fishman ©

Fighting pits are arenas in the Slaver Cities of Astapor, Meereen, and Yunkai. The fighting pits of Meereen, the largest and most extravagant of Slaver's Bay, are great red circles.[1] Within the pits, beasts are pitted against beasts, pit fighters against fellow fighters, beasts against fighters, and even beasts against slave children, dwarfs, or crones, all for the entertainment of onlookers, which includes nobility[2] and the general populace.[3] Combatants wear no armor in the fighting pits since spectators want to see blood.[4][5] In addition to the grand public pits, establishments like the Purple Lotus can have their own small pits as well.[6]

Known Pits

In Astapor:

In Meereen:


All men share a taste for blood, a taste the pits help slake.[7]

No one wore armor in the fighting pits. It was blood the crowds came for: death, dismemberment, and shrieks of agony, the music of the scarlet sands.[5]

—thoughts of Barristan Selmy