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The First Quarrel is one of the two recorded estrangements between King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and his queen, Alysanne Targaryen. In its time, before the Second Quarrel, it was known as the Great Rift.[1]

The Quarrel

The beginnings of the First Quarrel were in 87 AC, after the death of Princess Viserra Targaryen. The queen had lost three of her daughters in the space of five years, with the princesses Daella and Alyssa dying in childbirth in 82 AC and 84 AC, respectively. In her grief, she was comforted by her surviving daughters, Maegelle and Gael, but also expressed a desire to visit her daughter Saera, who had been scandalised and escaped her punishment to live as a novice in Oldtown to live in a pleasure garden in Lys. The queen had defied the king's edict, and secretly engaged agents to keep watch over Saera.

In her grief for Viserra, the queen brought Septon Barth with her, to speak on the virtues of forgiveness and the healing properties of time. When he was done, the queen mentioned Saera's name. The queen said it was time for her to be brought home as her daughter, but the king called her a Lyseni whore. Alysanne cringed at his harsh words, but still requested he bring Saera's home for the king's love of his queen, but the king again refused. He told her not to go to Lys without his leave, telling her she was dead to him, and to bury her.

It was planned for the king and queen to make a royal progress in the westerlands in 88 AC, but the queen told the king she could go alone. Instead, she left to Dragonstone to grieve for their daughters. The king then stayed in the Reach in 89 AC on the progress, until Princess Maegelle finally helped reconcile the royal couple, telling them they should both be together for Princess Rhaenys's wedding in 90 AC. A fortnight later, the king returned to the queen on Dragonstone, and afterward they were as close as they had been before.[1]


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