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Vaes Leqse is located in Essos
Vaes Leqse
Essos and the location of Vaes Leqse

Vaes Leqse is a ruined city in Essos in the eastern Kingdom of Sarnor, bordering the central Dothraki sea. It is north of Yalli Qamayi, northeast of Vojjor Samvi, and southeast of Vaes Athjikhari. Vaes Leqse is situated on the northeastern shore of a small lake, with a river running north to the Bay of Tusks.[1] It was originally called Gornath, or Gornath by the Lake,[2] but it is now known by its Dothraki language name, Vaes Leqse, meaning "City of Rats".[3]


Gornath was known for its canals.[2]

During the Century of Blood, the kings of Gornath and Kasath fought over the spoils of Sathar, after that city's destruction by Dothraki. When Khal Moro and his khalasar attacked Kasath, the king of Gornath gave the Dothraki his aid, going as far as to take one of Moro's daughters as his wife. Gornath fell twelve years later to Khal Horro, while the King of Gornath was killed by his own Dothraki wife.[2]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen travels south of Vaes Leqse during the journey of Khal Drogo's khalasar from Pentos to Vaes Dothrak.[4]


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