Hugh Grandison

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Hugh Grandison
House Grandison.svg
Alias Greybeard[1][2]
Greybeard Grandison[1]
Title Lord of Grandview[2]
Allegiance House Grandison
Culture Stormlander
Book(s) A Feast for Crows (mentioned)
A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

Hugh Grandison, called Greybeard, is the Lord of Grandview and the head of House Grandison. He was among the possible matches offered to Princess Arianne Martell.[1]

Appearance and Character

Hugh is a very aged man,[2] with a long white beard. Arianne Martell regards him to be pleasant and more robust than others his age, but undesirable.[1]


The aged head of House Grandison, Hugh was given the name Greybeard, though in time his beard went pure white.[1]

At one point, Hugh was proposed as a potential betrothal to Princess Arianne Martell by her father, Doran, the Prince of Dorne. In order to facilitate the proposal, Hugh visited Dorne, falling asleep during the welcoming feast. While he slept, Garin challenged Arianne to tie Hugh's beard into a knot, but she refused. Though she found him less unappealing than the other old suitors her father proposed, Arianne turned down Hugh like all the others.[1]