Krazaaj Zasqa

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Krazaaj Zasqa is located in The Known World
Krazaaj Zasqa
The known world and the location of the Krazaaj Zasqa

The Krazaaj Zasqa, meaning "White Mountains" in the Dothraki language, is what the Dothraki call the northern Bone Mountains in central Essos.[1][2][3] The snow-capped[2] range stretches longitudinally from the Shivering Sea and transitions southward into the rest of the Bones at the Steel Road.[4]

The northern section of the Krazaaj Zasqa contains the Realm of Jhogwin. West of the mountains are the forested Kingdom of the Ifequevron and the ruined city of Vaes Aresak, while north across the Shivering Sea is found the island of Far Ib. East of the Krazaaj Zasqa are the Howling Hills and Leviathan Sound, while the city of Kayakayanaya and the Great Sand Sea are situated to the southeast along the Steel Road.[5]


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