Liomond Lashare

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Liomond Lashare
the Lord of Battles
Alias The Lord of Battles
Allegiance Band of Nine
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Liomond Lashare, dubbed the Lord of Battles, was a sellsword captain who became one of the infamous Band of Nine, the instigators of the War of the Ninepenny Kings.[1]


The Band of Nine were a group of merchants, sellswords and pirates who joined together to carve kingdoms out for themselves.

Behind the scenes

In an early draft of A Feast for Crows, Young Griff explains that when the Band of Nine was formed, Lashare was the only one who was unwilling to make a pact, vowing to defeat them each in turn. The nine others present drew their swords, cutting him down and burying him beneath the Tree of Crowns. They then made their pact with Lashare's blood on their hands. In this version, Corzo zo Merreq is the ninth member of the Band in place of Liomond.[2][3]


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