Lord Fell

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House Fell.svgLord FellHouse Fell.svg
Title Lord of Felwood
Allegiance House Fell
Culture Stormlander
Died In 282 AC[1]Summerhall[1]
Issue "Silveraxe" Fell

Lord Fell was the Lord of Felwood and the head of House Fell during the reign of King Aerys II Targaryen, and the early stages of Robert's Rebellion.[1] His given name is not yet known.


When Lord Robert Baratheon returned to Storm's End after the taking of Gulltown and called his banners to rebel against King Aerys II, Lord Fell remained loyal to the Iron Throne and marched against his liege lord. He was to be joined by Lord Cafferen and Lord Grandison at Summerhall, but Robert, having caught wind of their plan, marched to meet them separately. In one of the ensuing battles at Summerhall, Robert slew Lord Fell in single combat and took his son Silveraxe as prisoner.[1]


Last known title holder:
Lady Fell
Lord of Felwood
?–282 AC
Next known title holder:
Harwood Fell