Penny Jenny

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Alias Penny Jenny
Redgrass Jenny
Died At King's Landing
Book(s) The Mystery Knight (mentioned)

Jenny, better known as Penny Jenny, and later known as Redgrass Jenny, was a whore.


She was a camp follower, known as Penny Jenny to those who visited her. Among her known lovers was Ser Quentyn Ball. The night before the Battle of the Redgrass Field she lay with dozens of men, which earned her the new nickname, Redgrass Jenny. After the battle, Redgrass Jenny established herself in King's Landing at an establishment called the Pussywillows. There she raised her two children: her son, who would be known as Ser Glendon Flowers, and her daughter who would become a whore. After she died, the other women working at the Pussywillows raised the two children and told them the story that the mother had put about that the two children were the result of her coupling with Ser Quentyn Ball.[1]