Pyramid of Yherizan

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Rhaegal roosts on top of the Pyramid of Yherizan.
Art by Robert O'Leary

The pyramid of Yherizan is a great black pyramid in Meereen and the home to members of the House of Yherizan. The pyramid can been seen from the Great Pyramid's terrace.

Recent Events

Rhaegal makes his lair on the pyramid of Yherizan - by Ashley Hunter Rice

A Dance with Dragons

After being unleashed with his brother Viserion on the city, Rhaegal makes his lair here and as a result it has been abandoned by the Great Masters of Yherizan. The pyramid is now a smouldering ruin and its former occupants are either dead or in flight.[1]

Shortly after Prince Quentyn Martell dies in Daenerys Targaryen's bed, Ser Barristan Selmy stands on the highest step of the Great Pyramid. He notices that whips of smoke still rise from the smouldering ruin of the pyramid where Rhaegal hulks in the gloom like a fat woman bedecked with glowing orange jewels.


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