Qarlton III Durrandon

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Qarlton III Durrandon

Biographical Information
Full Name Qarlton III Durrandon
Other Titles Storm King
Culture First Men
Royal House House Durrandon
Predecessor Qarlton II Durrandon
Heir Monfryd V Durrandon
Successor Monfryd V Durrandon
Issue Monfryd V Durrandon
Father Qarlton II Durrandon
Books The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

King Qarlton III Durrandon was a Storm King of House Durrandon during the Andal invasion and the heir and successor of King Qarlton II Durrandon. Like his father, Qarlton III reigned in times of war. He was succeeded by his son Monfryd V Durrandon.[1]


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