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Culture Westerosi
Died 299 AC
Gods Eye
Book A Clash of Kings (appears)

Qyle is one of the recruits for the Night’s Watch found by Yoren[1] and is part of the band marching north to the Wall.[2]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

On their march north, the group arrives at a town on the southern shore of the Gods Eye where Yoren intends to rent a boat for crossing the lake. However, the town is deserted and no boats can be found, so Yoren decides to spend the night in the abandoned holdfast of the town. The holdfast is attacked that night by men under the command of Ser Amory Lorch. During the struggle, Qyle begs a knight with a wasp on his shield for mercy but the knight kills him, smashing his face with a spiked mace.[2]