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Saath is located in Essos
Essos west of the Bone Mountains and the location of Saath

Saath is a city in northern Essos at the western end of the Sarne delta along the Shivering Sea. It is west of Vaes Graddakh and southwest of Morosh. Saath is connected by a Valyrian road to Vaes Khadokh farther to the south.[1]

The people of Saath still call themselves Tagaez Fen, or Tall Men, after the Sarnori of old. The city has managed to survive with the support of Ib and Lorath.[2]


The small port of Saath, with its white walls, is the last surviving remnant of the Kingdom of Sarnor, as the other Sarnori cities, including its sister city Sarys, were destroyed by the Dothraki during the Century of Blood.[2] The people of Saath often trade with the Lorathi colony of Morosh.[3]


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