Vaes Athjikhari

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Vaes Athjikhari is located in Essos
Vaes Athjikhari
Essos and the location of Vaes Athjikhari

Vaes Athjikhari[1] is a ruined city in Essos in the eastern Kingdom of Sarnor, with Omber to the northwest and the Kingdom of the Ifequevron to the northeast. Vaes Athjikhari is to the northeast of Vaes Leqse. The ruined city is situated on the northeastern shore of a lake, with a river running north to the Bay of Tusks.[2] It was originally called Sallosh or Sallosh by the Silver Shore, but it is now known by its Dothraki name, Vaes Athjhikhari, meaning "City of Sickness".[3]


Located on the Silver Shore, Sallosh was known as the City of Scholars. Its excellent library contained extensive histories of the Tall Men. The city and its library were destroyed by Dothraki during the Century of Blood which followed the Doom of Valyria, however.[3][4]


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