Sylvenna Sand

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Sylvenna Sand
Essie, Sylvenna Sand, and Gaemon Palehair by Riotarttherite.png
From left to right, Gaemon Palehair, Essie, and Sylvenna, by Riotarttherite ©

Culture Dornishmen
Died 130 AC
Red Keep, King's Landing
Lover Essie[1]

Sylvenna Sand was a bastard from Dorne and a whore at the House of Kisses, a brothel in King's Landing during the Dance of the Dragons.


Sylvenna was the paramour of Essie, another whore and the mother of Gaemon Palehair, a pretender king during the Dance of the Dragons. Gaemon was claimed to be a bastard of King Aegon II Targaryen.[1][2]

During the Moon of the Three Kings, after Rhaenyra Targaryen's escape from King's Landing, Gaemon gathered thousands of followers and issued a series of edicts, quite likely the work of Sylvenna, for some of them reflected the Rhoynish views on women inherited by the Dornish.[2]

After the city was taken by Lord Borros Baratheon in Aegon II's name, Sylvenna was arrested alongside "King" Gaemon, Essie, and the rest of his "court". After Aegon's return to the capital, Sylvenna was hanged from the battlements of the Red Keep alongside Essie and twenty seven followers of the false king.[3]


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