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Was Brandon the Builder Azor Ahai


  • He built the wall to stop the others from coming South. He also probably created the Night's watch and this is most likely what lightbringer was.
  • He founded House Stark word's are Winter is Coming. I believe this means the others are coming. Why make his House centre around them if he hadn't stopped them.
  • He is similar to 'the last hero' another other killing hero. And seeing as the Last Hero is most likely the truest Azor Ahai (GRRM said Old Nan's stories are the only history and the last hero is one of them.)

There is no evidence of this; but it could go on the Azor Ahai Theories page.

--Ser Ash the Red 00:31, 3 May 2012 (UTC)

The Prince the was promised

It has not been confirmed that AA = TPTWP. It should be covered in two sepparate articles. The current one is even mixing both prophecies implying connections that do not appear on the text.--The hairy bear (Send me a raven) 13:40, 7 August 2012 (UTC)

Re: The Prince the was promised

I agree that the TPTWP and Azor Ahai should be separated; it’s not for certain that the prophesies are one in the same at this point in time. Melanie

Conflation of heroes

I am not ready to accept that Azor Ahai is the same guy as the Last Hero. AA seems to be an Eastern legend. Jon does dream himself as a sort of Last Hero and has a red sword. So one has to wonder. But the Last Hero doesnt have a Nissa Nissa. He does have a sword that shatters = and the Special Ice used for the swords of the others shatters steel but the Dragonsteel sword of the Last Hero does not. This may be explained by the AA people with the Nissa Nissa myth and by Westeros as the existence of Dragonsteel. The PTWP has to be a totally different person as he is at least 8000 years later. It isnt even clear to me if he is to save the world from Others the way the Last Hero did or to be an extremely important ruler. Jon could be the PTWP. Or he could be the analog of the Last Hero.