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Bael/Mance/Robert Baratheon

In the legacy section of the Bael the Singer page, Mance Rayder is described as being inspired by Bael to infiltrate Winterfell and attend a wedding feast with King Robert Baratheon. However, I believe this is incorrect as at this point in A Dance With Dragons, King Robert is long dead. The wedding feast Mance and his wildling women attend as Abel and his singing washerwomen in a front to infiltrate Winterfell is the feast in celebration of the false marriage between Ramsey "Snow" Bolton and Arya Stark (who is actually Jeyne Poole forced to pretend to be Arya). Additionally, all of these events occur in A Dance with Dragons, not a Storm of Swords, as the footnotes of the Bael the Singer page note. Can someone please verify this information before any edits are made? Thanks!