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Move to delete this, since it is not specified that Harbert is actually a Baratheon in the series. It is just as probable that he is an Estermont.

You have a point; although a lot of websites assume he is a Baratheon (La Garde de Nuit, Assai, Tower of the Hand, wikipedia, iceandfire.wikia) the series only say he's Stannis great-uncle.
Deleting the page is unnecassary; I will change the name of the page to "Ser Harbert" and I'll change the family tree. Regards, Scafloc 11:50, 1 December 2009 (UTC)

IIRC he's in ACOK as lord Steffon Baratheon's unkle. Steffon Baratheon is the son of a Baratheon and Rhaelle Targaryen, so ser Harbert is the brother of Steffon's father OR the brother of Rhaelle. Thought if Egg have had other sons than Duncan the small and Jahaehaerys II, we would know them. So ser Harbert is a Baratheon. OR, he's lord Steffon's unkle-in-law ; but I think if this was the case, GRRM would have written "unkle-in-law" and not "unkle". Evrach 10:59, 2 December 2009 (UTC)

In the version of ACOK that I have Stannis calls him his "grand-uncle". I agree that if he would not have been related by blood but by marriage GRRM would have said so. But like Jefullerton said he could be an Estermont, an uncle of Cassana Estermont. That way he is still related by blood but not a Baratheon. We could say that he is more likely to be a Baratheon. Scafloc 13:25, 2 December 2009 (UTC)
"grand-uncle" ? erf, I thought it was specificaly said that he was lord Steffon's uncle. In this case, yes, there's a chance he's not a Baratheon. I will check my ACOK tonight to see if I find others refs to him and I'll make a note on LGDN. Evrach 13:41, 2 December 2009 (UTC)

Would just like to say he cannot be an Estermont. Since he was around when Patchface washed ashore, Stannis is only a child, therefore not married to an Estermont at that moment.

Stannis was not married to an Estermont; his mother is an Estermont. So Ser Harbert could be the uncle of his mother or the uncle of his father. We just don't know. Scafloc 17:43, 25 December 2009 (UTC)

I'm more inclined to think he was a Baratheon, primarily based on the fact he was castellan of Storm's End. The castellan seems to often be a member of the ruling house (e.g. with the Karstarks).