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The description of Jaime Lannister in Clash of Kings gave away some info that was not revealed until Storm of Swords. At the end of Clash of Kings, the reader does not know whether Catelyn is about to free or kill Jaime Lannister. So I made some changes to that part. -Emarvydo

Goldenhand (the Just)

Do these names really count as aliases? Aliases as far as I can see are names given to the characters by themselves or others that are actually used. Arya's aliases for example are all used by other characters, they are known to them. Goldenhand (correct me if I'm wrong) has never been used by anyone except Jaime himself in his inner monologues. Goldenhand the Just is what he wishes people should call him in a few decades, he uses this name once, again only in his inner monologues. To me, both of them don't qualify as aliases, they are just Jaime's wishes.--DasallmaechtigeJ 18:58, 6 March 2015 (UTC)