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Plural for "stone"

The correct plural for "stone" when describing the weight of a person is "stone". So I think the sentence referring to Samwell's weight ought to be changed to "Jon Snow originally estimates Samwell to weigh 20 stone ...".

Here's the reference from Wikipedia: - "...the stone remains widely used in Britain and Ireland for human body weight: in those countries people may commonly be said to weigh, e.g., "11 stone 4" (11 stones and 4 pounds), rather than "72 kilograms" as in many other countries, or "158 pounds" (the conventional way of expressing the same weight in the United States and Canada). The correct plural form of stone in this context is stone (as in, "11 stone" or "12 stone 6 pounds"); in other contexts, the correct plural is stones (as in, "Please enter your weight in stones and pounds").

Now I'm wondering - only vaguely - how many other instances of this usage might need to be corrected. However, I'm not making the change because I don't have a copy of the book on hand to check whether GRRM uses the correct plural of stone. I'm 99% sure that he does, but I'll change it when I'm able to check.

Gilly's fate

The wiki stated that Gilly was in fact sent to Horn Hill, but there is no support for this in the text. The last we see her, she is on the Cinnamon Wind, waiting for Sam to return from the Citadel. I changed the entry to reflect that. Ocherdraco 18:27, 16 May 2013 (UTC)